Certificate Transfer Instructions

Quota rights obtained in the open-tender auction operated by Panama Poultry Export Quota, Inc. are freely transferable. PAN-PEQ will post announcements submitted by quota holders who wish to offer their quota rights for transfer. Provisions of transfer of quota rights are subject to agreement between the quota holder and the party that wishes to acquire quota rights. PAN-PEQ serves no role in negotiation between a quota holder and a party that wishes to acquire quota rights from the quota holder, and assumes no liability for any dispute arising between quota holders and the parties to whom they have assigned quota rights. Any quota holder that agrees to transfer its rights to another party must notify the PAN-PEQ administrator in writing within 24 hours of agreeing to transfer its rights, and include in the notification:

  • The legal name, address, telephone number and e-mail information of the party to which it is transferring rights
  • The volume, delineated in metric tons, of quota rights it has agreed to transfer
  • If the transfer is for product that PAN-PEQ has issued the original holder a quota certificate, a copy of that certificate showing the endorsement to the acquiring party. The copy of the certificate must be sent via fax at 1-202-684-2233 to the PAN-PEQ administrator within 24 hours. If the volume the quota holder wishes to transfer is less than that included in the original certificate, the original certificate must be returned to the PAN-PEQ administrator, the administrator will void the original certificate, and issue new certificates to both parties. If the transfer is for an amount for which PAN-PEQ has not issued a certificate, the original certificate will be issued to the transferee.